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Frogs, Toads, and Treefrogs

Frogs, Toads, and Treefrogs

  1. Do frogs hibernate?

    Yes, frogs hibernate during the cold months of winter down deep in the mud at the bottom of ponds.

  2. About how many eggs do frogs lay, and where?

    Frogs lay a mass of about 70 eggs on average, in or near water.

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  1. How do you tell the age of a box turtle?

    You can see how old your box turtle is by looking ay its plastron. Find a scute, and count the rings from the center of the scute. (preferribly the femoral scute) Make sure you count just the rings in that square.

  2. How do you tell a male box turtle from a female?

    Males have red eyes and a concave plastron, while females have grayish eyes and a flat plastron.

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  1. How do I avoid getting bit by a snake?

    Avoid getting close to snakes, even though some snakes are non-venomous. They will do no damage, but if you can't tell venomous snakes apart, remember this: If their eyes are slit, don't get bit. If their eyes are round, no venom found. ~Jim Fregonara

  2. What do small garter snakes eat?

    Small garter snakes will eat crickets, minnows, and worms. You can house a minnow in their water dish, if it is big enough. Crickets can be housed in the terrerium itsself, along with the worms. Snakes can detach their jaw bone, allowing them to swallow large worms or crickets. Also, try coating your worms and crickets in a supplement before feeding.

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